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Finding a job shouldn’t be hard work.

Convention Staffing Group places candidates every day with top quality roles in exciting companies.

We believe every job-seeker has their best-fit waiting for them. Your journey to your next role starts today.

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We have all the staffing for events you will need. We work with Corporate Events, Private Parties, Weddings, Galas, Promotional Events, Cocktail Parties, Birthdays, and more!

Whatever your staffing for events needs, we’ve got you covered

Your next career opportunity could be only a click away!

Convention Staffing Group works with recruiters and human resources professionals from a range of in-demand industries to bring you open positions with strong growth potential and competitive compensation.

We believe in making the job hunt work for everyone. Highly qualified candidates who are ready and excited to work should be able to find a good fit smoothly and easily.

We work hard to make that happen.

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